Jennifer Knapp on Larry King Live

Jennifer Knapp’s story resonates with me and a lot of others within faith communities as we seek to reconcile between our faith in God and our sexuality, which are often presented in mosques, churches, synagogues, and temples as irreconcilable. The parts with Ted Haggart seem to demonstrate his own sincere journey toward a ministry of acceptance and inclusion instead of rejection and exclusion as represented by the obtuseness of Bob Botsford. Even Larry King seemed on point.

Heather Hogan on Afterellen: If you haven’t been involved in the evangelical Christian community in the last 15 years, here’s the best way for me to explain it to you: Jennifer Knapp coming out is HUGE. It’s the HUGEST thing I can think of to happen in terms positive gay representation in the Christian community in well over a decade — in large part because she seems to have reconciled her faith and her sexuality.

Knapp told The Advocate that she thought she had to choose one or the other, but after years of soul searching Down Under (she became an Australian citizen to live with her girlfriend), she realizes there’s not a necessary dichotomy between being a Christian and being a lesbian.

The linster on Afterellen: Jennifer herself got to the heart of the issue when Pastor Bob said that she was trying to justify her sin. Not so, she said, because she does not agree that being a lesbian is a sin. And that, friends, is a Big Deal. Big enough to keep queer kids from living in guilt and shame. Big enough to keep teenagers reviled as perverts from killing themselves. Big enough to let gay and lesbian adults embrace their faith as well as their sexuality.

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