Good Gay Marriage/Rights Articles Roundup

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin: A Muslim American’s Thoughts on Gay Marriage

As someone that is part of two minority groups in the United States (Muslims and African-Americans) I feel that this ruling is a victory for all of us. Majorities in the country have attempted to define the American experience in limited and controlled terms. To be American means you need to be white, Christian, and of course, straight. There is nothing further from the truth. To be American and to enjoy the rights and privileges therein you simply have to live here and pay taxes. This is a diverse nation and to limit the rights of one group opens the potential to limit your rights.

Melody Moezzi: Muslim States Must Support LGBT Rights

Finally, the LGBT Muslim community, along with their many heterosexual allies such as myself, will not let bigots and homophobes define our religion for us or for the rest of the world. We have scholars and imams in our ranks, and we refuse to be considered “less Muslim” because of our sexual orientation, gender identity or our choice to acknowledge that such distinctions are in fact God-given.

Marianne Mollman: Gay Marriage: The Issue is Respect

Of course, those who oppose same-sex marriage in New York State and elsewhere are not saying they support violence against LGBTQ people. Nevertheless, the same basic proposition lies at the root of both: the notion that you are somehow a different — lesser — type of human being if you are not, or are not seen to be, straight, and that society is justified in rejecting you.

LZ Granderson: Obama’s dodge on gay marriage: I get it

And while it’s hardly dignifying to applaud — at $1,250 a plate — the president’s strategic rhetoric of second-class citizenship, that rhetoric beats the hell out of the frothy mix of genuine bigotry and hate toward gays that some would prefer woven into the Constitution…

There was a moment during Obama’s speech where he was talking about equality in such a compassionate way that you literally could see the 600-plus bodies in the crowd lean forward, drawn in by the possibility that he was about to say he supported marriage equality.

And then…

“I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal right as everybody else.”

Oh, so close. Close enough for some that they stood up and cheered.

And yet so far.

Far enough that quite a few remained seated with disgust.

Boston Review:  No Objections What history tells us about remaking marriage

Marriage persists as simultaneously a public institution closely tied to the public good and a private relationship that serves and protects the two people who enter into it. That it remains a vital and relevant institution testifies to the law’s ability to recognize the need for change, rather than adhere rigidly to values or practices of earlier times.


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