Mildred Loving on Gay Marriage

“It seems only fitting to reference a quote from Mildred Loving, the iconic plaintiff in the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court case of Loving v. Virginia, which made race-based marriage restrictions unconstitutional. Loving, a black woman who fought for the legal validation of her marriage to a white man, stated poignantly that marriage equality for gay couples is “what Loving, and loving, are all about.”

Read more at The Root: Marriage Equality How Blacks Paved the Way


Author: me2

I'm a real Muslim gay girl.

2 thoughts on “Mildred Loving on Gay Marriage”

  1. hi,
    like you, i’ve been attracted to girls (me being a girl) for a very very long time.. but now alhamdulillah that urge has completely gone away. and no it was not out of peer pressure or anything.. no one knew but Allah.. but while it lasted (some 15 plus years) I was desperate. I didn’t understand why I had something that everyone said was forbidden. And I turned to the Quran and salah.. it hurt and hurt.. but yes, with every hardship comes ease. Did you ever consider that this ‘need’ or yours and mine could be a very hard test from Allah? Some people are attracted to small children and they can’t explain it, some men have unnatural urges for unlimited number of women. But these are all trials that test us and push us, so that at the end we can say we put all our faith in Allah, when we ourselves had no more strength to go on. I don’t and I’ve never believed being gay is allowed. The people of Prophet Lud were destroyed for a reason, a big part being practicing their homosexual urges. None of the Prophets or any of the most famous pious people, neither men and women were gay. We call this coming out and progressing with society, as though Allah needs a lesson on progression and our laws. He stated in the Quran that He has perfected our deen for us and in the Prophets given the best example to how to live. Homosexuality is not included! My words will ofcourse sound harsh to you, as they used to me. But we want Jannah, and Jannah is not a cheap place. We work all our lives to get some fancy house, yet we expect mansions in heaven with unlimited gifts but without any struggle. Its basic maths actually; huge hard test for some 60 years = everlasting joy, comfort, luxury, peace, happiness for eternity and eternity has no end!

    1. Asalamu alaykum amara,

      Yes, I have considered that being more attracted to the same gender could be a test from Allah. This is something I’ve struggled with for years but I reject the notion that being gay is similar to pedophilia or even a man’s desire to be with multiple women.

      I don’t think we should presume to know another person’s sexual orientation. Most people assume I’m heterosexual but it doesn’t mean I am, it’s just part of the facade I try to keep up in society. I have more respect for Allah than to assume to teach him anything, he is already All-Knowing. Yet, I believe God has made me this way and he doesn’t make mistakes so I’m doing my best to try to discern what he wants from me.

      I’m glad we’ve both found peace in our life paths.

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